[RUR'Up] - Innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas

Develop innovative interventions for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas.

Long-term vision for rural areas: contribution from 20 science-society-policy platforms

This SHERPA Discussion Paper provides a synthesis of rural opportunities and challenges identified in recent publications. The final version will include results of EU funded research projects and statistics for the indicators identified in this document. Guidance on how to conduct the consultation in the Multi-Actor Platforms is provided in a separate document.

Framework providing definitions, operational typology and review of EU strategies for rural areas

• Rural policy responses do not mean only those of rural development policy only. Cohesion and Regional funds and their synergies should be made more explicit beyond their respective policy boundaries • Rural development policy does not mean supporting mainly the agricultural sector and farm incomes but should, equally focus on rural society more broadly, the rural economy and rural environment • A EU long-term vision for rural areas should be based upon the overarching objective of well-being in rural areas.

[SHERPA] - Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors

Gather relevant knowledge and opinions that contribute to the formulation of recommendations for future policies relevant to EU rural areas. It will create a science-society-policy interface which provides a hub for knowledge and policy.