[RUR'Up] - Innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas

The project RUR’Up (2020-2022) receives funding from Erasmus+ 2020 program. In this project, I am responsible of the Intellectual Output aiming at identifying local case-studies.

The transnational project involves the cooperation of seven HE institutions and other intergovernmental organizations active in the field of education. The project aims at supporting cooperation in the field of innovative interventions for the sustainable development of mountainous and other marginalized rural areas, which are often described as “peripheral areas”. The outputs will consist in a variety of educational materials and specifically targeted to such areas. Peripheral areas have a critical role to play to achieving rural vitality across European rural regions and contribute to their sustainable development that maintains and enhances environment, rural heritage and biodiversity while improving socio-economic conditions.

The project will:

  • evaluate what skills and competencies university graduates need in order to find employment and succeed well in jobs
  • produce academic material focusing on the needs for sustainable development of peripheral areas
  • engage educators into training in novel teaching methods
  • organize an international summer school with educators, researchers and students from Europe.
Tristan Berchoux
Lecturer in Rural Geography

My principal research interests lie in the field of spatial planning and sustainable rural development.