Stakeholder Expectations of Future Policy Implementation Compared to Formal Policy Trajectories: Scenarios for Agricultural Food Systems in the Mekong Delta

• We used a transferable, scenario-based methodology which uses a standard quadrant matrix in order to explore both anticipated and idealized future states of the Mekong Delta • Stakeholders identified that agri-business will dominate future agricultural production in the delta but showed a clear concern that sustainability might consequently be undermined despite policy claims of the contrary

Long-term vision for rural areas: contribution from 20 science-society-policy platforms

This SHERPA Discussion Paper provides a synthesis of rural opportunities and challenges identified in recent publications. The final version will include results of EU funded research projects and statistics for the indicators identified in this document. Guidance on how to conduct the consultation in the Multi-Actor Platforms is provided in a separate document.

[BRAgS] - Building Resilient Agricultural Systems: sustainable livelihoods in Mega-Deltas under environmental change

Delivering new insight into the trade-offs between flooding, sediment and nutrient deposition, agricultural systems and associated livelihood strategies in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.