Climate change

Impact of dams and climate change on suspended sediment flux to the Mekong delta

• A sediment model has been used to estimate the impact of constructed and planned dams and climate change on the Mekong River • Reservoir storage capacity is forecasted to increase in the next two decades, with consequences for the sediment flux • Planned dams will reduce suspended sediment fluxes to the delta by up to 50% in the next twenty years • Climate change play a secondary role compared to dams • Historical declines are mostly attributed to dams in China, but future declines will be triggered by dams in Lao and Cambodia

[BRAgS] - Building Resilient Agricultural Systems: sustainable livelihoods in Mega-Deltas under environmental change

Delivering new insight into the trade-offs between flooding, sediment and nutrient deposition, agricultural systems and associated livelihood strategies in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

[DECCMA] - Deltas, vulnerability and Climate Change: Migration and Adaptation

Effectiveness of adaptation options in deltas, assess migration as an adaptation in deltaic environments under a changing climate, and deliver policy support to create the conditions for sustainable gender-sensitive adaptation.